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Blog : Process Flow in a Website Development [Pre-development phase]

Usually we do this pre-process on development of every projects.

1. Determining the requirements and confirming website type
Dynamic Website
Static Website

Responsive or non responsive website is not a concern now a days because non responsive websites are outdated and none goes for a non responsive website, because now a day 80-90% users may visit your site from a mobile device.

2. Quote preparation

Understanding the requirements and make a functional flow and documentation

Within the quote itself, we can explain the modules involved and time frame required to develop a website or web portals
If the requirements doesn't need any dynamic sections or frequent updates only a responsive html website will be the scope.

For dynamic websites, we need to prepare the modules for each sections, for example if we are looking for an e-commerce website , there will be back end functions and collection of functions called modules to perform stock management, products management, order management etc.
So in dynamic websites after we finalize a design we need to convert it to the suitable dynamic frame works or platform [Eg: Wordpress, Codeigniter, Magento, Joomla etc]

Choosing a plat form

Depending on the scope of the website we can choose suitable platforms or templates to develop or customize the website. Each platform have their own advantages and disadvantages, we can help you to determine a suitable platform for your idea.