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Blog : SEO friendly website ? lets analyze it!

How much SEO friendly is your website ?

Ever wonder why none visiting your website?

Dont have any enquiries or visitors on your web pages?

Lets take an SEO analysis on your website, With I-MAKE's pre-SEO report you can point out the score of your current website in terms of how useful is your website to generate enough visitors or customers to your pages.
Based on this reports we can fine tune your website to a best scored website in google ranking.

A rich content website doesnot serve the purpose always.

Websites needs the capability to drive enough attention from the internet, then only a website fulfills its purpose. With month to month detailed reporting you can felt the worth of each penny you are spending on SEO, unless like a list of fake packages we are looking into result driven SEO methodology.

We think better than too much bla bla lets show our customers what you were before SEO and now what you archived after the service.
For the past years through this approach we proudly managed to make our SEO customers stay in our service for a very long term.