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Blog : Wordpress website development

Wordpress website development

Wordpress is the most popular and common plat form in the world wide internet that relays as a plat form for many websites. Originally wordpress is a blogging platform since it’s a open source platform hundreds of thousands developers contribute and wordpres itself become a huge resource of easy managible platform. Nowadays even e-commerce portals are easily developing in WP

Now a days a beginner can easily configure a website without knowing any hard coding skills in WordPress. Its content management system is easy to understand and manage. Abundant resources of plugins makes a huge convinces to add up different features to a website with a single click.

Availability of developers or freelance assistances is also high for WP.


WordPress Customization

In WP we can install and configure websites themes of our choice, there are paid and free sources for templates. But for some extended level of customization always need a efficient and reliable developer or group like I-MAKE.


Custom WordPress website Development

I-MAKE offers a PSD level customization to wordpress platform, Means like in a custom framework like Codeigniter users gets a 100% satisfaction on website’s unique look and feel as well as the comfort of the wordpress CMS. From I-MAKE our customers gets a 100% unique web design and features in wordpress platform