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While much lab equipment features both embedded and external PC software, there is an overriding need for independent software to help researchers and clinicians organize their efforts. Dedicated laboratory management software, often called a laboratory information management system , provides streamlined control and organizational schemes for controlling equipment, sorting and counting samples, managing and maintaining animal colonies, or any project complex enough to require constant computer control.The laboratory is a shifting and fluid environment, the best lab management software or lab info management system will be one that is flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs.

I-MAKE IT Solution are offering the best Lab Management software .It is so user-friendly, it automatically highlights the abnormal values based on the ranges provided and helps healthcare practioners to read the lab reports with ease. This product have perform total functionality for Testing Lab. Product contains Master forms for adding categories, Subcategories, party details, sales Executive and much more. In next section product have some more forms Estimate Form (Service Request Form), Job Order Form; Test Certificate Form, Billing Form etc. We have Reports like quotation report, receipt report, job card report, Test Certificate Report. LMS have search options with different criterias. You can track your work, search job order, search test certificate, search bill cash memo, search complete status, search test certificate by sample.