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At I-MAKE IT Solution we use Agile methodology for building the custom software solutions. By adopting the agile software development principles coupled with adaptability and scalability of our seasoned team we offer a tailor made Custom software development service to satisfy the business requirements of our customers. Our Agile coaches craft a strategic approach based on client specific requirements by constant collaboration with clients.

What is custom software?

Custom Software is a computer program written specifically for your company, according to your company's way of doing business. A Custom software is capable of delivering almost any desired feature needed by a business. Custom softwares are a proven way for big & small businesses alike to reduce expenses and gain competitive advantage.

At I-MAKE IT Solutions, we provide you scalable software applications, which will automate routine workflow of your company and make life easier. We make every effort possible & put ourselves into our clients shoes to get as close as possible to the idea you have in your head. Our strong research & development teams spend hours of discussions to come up with the best & the most- suited solutions for your business.Our tailored softwares designed just-for-you serve as nothing less than a launchpad for your business growth. The days of one size fits all are long gone & what businesses really need today is not some off-the-shelf software that requires extensive training for use or requires them to modify their processes accordingly, but solutions that adapt precisely with their exising processes & systems.