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When you think about the workflow of your customer service staff, it's plain to see that an awful lot of time is taken up handling phone calls from people looking to book, explaining options to customers and managing schedules. The demands of a phone-based booking system require a member of your staff is constantly available to handle bookings. You might not consider this a problem with customer service staff on hand, but consider the man hours which could be released by moving to an online booking platform. Because I-MAKE IT Solutions is fully ready to help you , if there is space available for a given date, your customer can choose their options, pick a date and time, pay and receive an email confirmation without any human interaction on your end freeing up your staff to do more valuable things with their time. That is a huge advantage of our online booking platforms, and one which can greatly benefit your business.

  Online booking systems saves your time

 It works 24/7

 It is easier to sell room upgrades and packages

 The number of no-shows will decrease

 Payments are easier and faster