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Project management Portal

Using this simple project management tool you can create unlimited user accounts and can assign tasks on individual projects to each users. This system uses a Codeigniter based back end, and can be realy on any minimal server environments.

Common features of this software are

  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to use browser friendly UI
  • Manage clients, projects and tasks on projects
  • Track pending / ongoing and completed tasks
  • Online and automated mail delivery on predefined actions
  • Uses Codeigniter backend
  • Requires only minimal server specifications
  • 10+ Short cut keys for major navigations
  • No client software’s required
  • Data export import option [Excel]
  • Multi user with access levels

You can divide large projects into sub tasks and can be assign to different users, this makes your projects completion time more less than conventional development, since you ca arrange and manage everything systematically, overall you gets a current view of your project’s real time progress.